Academic teaching and activity

Ewa Rudnicka
photo Wojciech Robakowski,

Academic classes taught (lectures, seminars)


Guest lectures

24-28 VI 2019 Slavisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, lectures:

  • Ancient world – modern language. The case of names of ancient beasts
  • The linguistic traces of ancient reality in contemporary Polish language


25-30 VI 2017 Slavisches Institut der Universität zu Köln, lectures:

  • Problems with the accusative in Polish language
  • The mad fates of words and forms – short history of errors in Polish language
  • Category of style in metalexicographical studies


V 2013 National School of Public Administration in Warsaw, lectures:

  • Linguistic correctness in official texts (cicle)

27 April – 3 May 2008
University of Sheffield, Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, lectures:
  • The history of the comma in Polish texts, in perspective of European punctuation
  • Emotions and feelings – vocabulary and phraseology
  • The removal – texts and vocabulary connected with naming buildings, their parts and furnishings
  • Contemporary and traditional Polish superstitions
  • Lexical mistakes – Polish synonyms, antonyms, as well as paronyms, homonyms, ambiguity and false friends
24 September – 1 October 2007
Stockhloms universitet, Slaviska institutionen, lectures:
  • Does social-economic EU integration require as well linguistic integration? – the position of national languages in a hierarchy of cultural values in European Union
  • Język młodzieżowy jako mit i ikona współczesnej polszczyzny
27 September 2008
University of Warsaw, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies „Artes Liberales”, lexicographical session of the East European School in the Humanities “Warsztaty słownikowe ukraińsko-polskie I”, lecture:
Współczesne projekty leksykograficzne w Polsce
22-30 September 2007 Warsaw
University of Warsaw, the 11th Festival of Science, lectures:
Nomina odiosa sunt? – czyli o imiennictwie polskim
17-26 September 2005 Warsaw
University of Warsaw, the 9th Festival of Science, lectures:
  • Co ciekawego wynika z lektury słownika
  • Paradoksy historii pierwszego słownika języka polskiego
19-28 September 2004 Warsaw
University of Warsaw, the 8th Festival of Science, lectures:
Co ciekawego wynika z lektury słownika

Conducted workshops

since April 2008 Warsaw
the District Law Council in Warsaw:
lectures and workshops in communication and legal jargon
May 2014 Warsaw
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in Warsaw:
lectures and workshops in linguistic etiquette, language correctness and text editing
June 2012 Cracow
the National Center for Science:
lectures and workshops on linguistic correctness in official texts
December  2011 Warsaw
the Polish Press Agency in Warsaw:
lectures and language workshops in linguistic correctness in journalistic and press texts
June, October 2007 Warsaw
the State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems:
linguistic workshops in language correctness and texts editing
December 2006, September–October 2005 Warsaw
law firm Wardyński & Partners:
linguistic workshops in language correctness, stylistics, composition and editing of legal texts
2000-1998 Warsaw
DM Robert Fleming Poland S.A.:
teacher of Polish as a foreign language
January 2000, November, December 1999 Warsaw
the University of Physical Education
linguistic workshops in phonetic, inflectional and stylistic correctness

Participation in trainings